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CooStaY – 酷居客

CooStaY – 酷居客

CooStaY是一个提供全球华人海外旅居移动本地服务的O2O产品,创新优化很多生活服务功能。 基于定位功能的附近房屋信息搜索及室友匹配功能是CooStaY的核心切入模块,并包裹性附带相关生活服务领域功能模块,例如餐饮、二手交易等。 招租人可以在CooStaY app上建立profile并上传房屋照片及信息,无需跟第三方代理商打交道。 App Store官方网站



  • 基于地理位置服务
    通过集成Apple Maps, 你可以随时随地查看附近发布的内容。
  • 社交登录
  • 聊天室
    私信功能 (与环信SDK集成)。
  • 通知中心
  • 隐私权限管理
  • 交互式的背景图片







  1. 速度:我们基于强大的Node.js平台来实现app的RESTful API服务。使其比普通的API服务更快,通常一台单核服务器最低可以达到500rps的请求处理速度,对于分布式系统将会带来更高的吞吐量。
  2. 健壮性:稳定的API需要你尽可能地降低用户可能的误操作产生错误的几率。我们很关注系统的总体健壮性,并实现了全局的错误代码(400 / 500)并为每一个错误指定一个错误消息提示。用户将会在一次不成功的请求情况下看到自己具体的错误。
  3. 友好的 APIs:我们坚持按照RESTful的规范来实现对每一位开发者友好的高度一致性,有意义及高质量的API服务。
  4. 高可用: 我们深度集成了Docker到我们的服务器端产品中。通过使用Docker作为我们的后台服务容器,我们可以通过一句指令在几秒钟的时间内轻易地扩展开来,部署到更多的服务器上。这也给我们带来了与超棒的集群管理工具Docker Swarm集成的可能性,确保我们可以容易地扩展服务器的能力来服务成千上万的用户。
  5. 安全性:我们很明白当你的帐号被盗后的感觉。每天都有大量的个人信息被盗。同样的,我们也很讨厌做坏事的黑客!这就是为什么我们要在此项目上应用最安全的密码加密方式之一:bcrypt(了解更多)。并且我们会向我们的客户确保在正式公开发布程序之前为网站启用SSL。


About LodeStreams


LodeStreams is a specialized and dedicated app development team with great entrepreneurial mindset, and has built dozens of products for our clients across many countries. From design concept through product maintenance, LodeStreams has the talent to support brands at every stage of the consumer experience. We go the extra mile to get the job done on top of offering very affordable rates.

We are versatile:

– iOS app – Excel in iPhone, iPad, as well as on OS X platform.
– Android app – Capable of supporting multiple APKs, UI/UX design, Material Design.
– Cross-platform app (mostly Web-packed apps) – Proficient in Ionic, PhoneGap, PhantomJS, and ReactJS!
– Web, classic website – Competent in Java-, PHP-, and NodeJS-powered website, one-page landing, e-commerce, etc.
– Consulting services – Identify project needs, provide business solutions, build and maintain strong client relationships. First hour free!

We are especially good at building social apps from scratch, real-time app development, and making modern flat design websites.

Service Description

We provide the following services (but not limited to): 

– Custom-built mobile or hybrid apps development: You tell us what you want, we work with your wireframe/prototype (if you have any), in an approachable manner. If you don’t have anything for us to work with, we can also sit down with you personally and start everything from scratch. We have experience in building apps containing business/personal content, user profiles, chat rooms, push notifications, accounting, point system, payment transactions (including cryptocurrency management and transfer), speech recognition, and many more.

– Web development: Websites, web app, one-page showcase landing. Our front-end stack is based on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap, as well as with AngularJS and and many other libraries/technologies. For the back-end services, we mainly develop using both NodeJS (ExpressJS, Mongoose) and traditional Java (Spring family), and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) to ensure delivering high-performance, extendability, and scaling websites or even RESTful APIs for our clients.

– E-commerce: Whether you have ten, hundred or thousand products, your e-commerce website doesn’t need to be complicated. We offer a wide range of e-commerce platforms to our customers and launch mobile-optimized/responsive-designed websites along with any personalized custom features and scope.

– Product maintenance: We can also help maintaining your products to keep them running smoothly and conveniently in the most efficient manner. We help to set up multiple service health monitor metrics to save your application from downtime. With our most advanced containerized and modularized clusters, your application can grow gradually along with your business needs.

Whichever mobile platform or web development you choose, we will do our best to meet your satisfaction! We especially love and work best with small business owners or entrepreneurs to offer them meaningful, targeted consumer engagement apps based on their business needs. We very much look forward to working with you.

We’re always ready to build our clientele to offer special rate! Professional portfolio available upon request.